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Photography Travel in INDIA

עודכן: 4 בנוב׳ 2019

India is an incredibly beautiful country, with many contrasts. From the large cities to the rolling landscape to the beaches, India is a photographer’s dream. The only drawback is trying to whittle down where to go in order to capture the perfect photograph. Be sure to bring plenty of extra batteries as you will be using your camera a lot! Luckily, I’ve spent an entire month in India finding all of the best places to go for the photography enthusiast.

Bengaluru, also known as Bangalore, is a bustling, modern city with many clean lines and tantalizing opportunities for your camera. The street photography here is fantastic as the urban setting makes for many interesting visuals. The outdoor markets are vibrant, as are the temples on view. Bull temple is one of the highlights.

You must also visit Lal-bagh Botanical Gardens for the lush displays of diverse trees and plants. The bonsai trees are magnificent here. The Vidhana Soudha is a stunning example of Neo-Dravidian architecture and the best time to photograph is early morning when the birds are out.

Mysuru is a historic settlement bursting with enchantment. The palace here is a World-Heritage site and great for photographing during ‘magic hour’ (dawn or dusk.)

Discover the wildlife riches of Bandipur National Park with your camera lens, surrounded by the picturesque Western Ghat Mountains.

Lingabudi Lake is great for bird photography. Here you will find such species as White Ibis, River Tern, Kingfisher, Spoonbill and Open Bill Storks. More than 250 species of bird visit this lake.

Delhi should not be missed, with its legendary street photography. Around every corner is another opportunity to click your shutter with a vibrant scene. The area of Old Delhi has plenty of old monuments, Mughal architecture and tombs. Spots to photograph include the Red Fort, Lotus Temple, Juma Masjid and Humayan’s Tomb.

Of course, one cannot pass up the opportunity to photograph the Taj Mahal. Again, the best time to come here is at dawn. Not only are the crowds a little thinner (though not by much!) but the rose sunlight hitting the Taj Mahal is jaw-dropping. Try to get that unique shot not seen before!

Mumbai is the center of India’s film industry, so you know this will be a photographer’s paradise. The Gateway of India is an arch-monument and worthy of your camera in the form of black-and-white shots to bring out the texture. Then go to Dador Flower Market for a splash of color.

Other notable photographic gems here are Kampala Nehru Park, which is part of the hanging garden complex and offers stunning views of Marine Drive. This roadway hugs the coast of a natural bay, making for great water photography. Juhn Beach is another must-stop.

Goa, with its location along the Arabian Sea, offers some of the best sunset photography in India. The Cape Goa Hotel is perched above a secluded cove in South Goa and is perfect when the sun goes down. Cabo de Rama Fort is an ancient structure that sits along the water, offering different views. Agonda Beach, with its charming huts among the palm trees, offers even more enticing fodder for your camera.

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